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Our Free Directory and Database

We are open to publishers and designers wanting to list their game and business in our database. Profiles can now be made for board game content creators and media, which will be available in our search soon. Aesthetics is one of the things that board game designers work really hard on, so we really wanted to express that through our marketplace. We enable you to drive traffic to your own site and gain back-links too. We accept games at all stages of development, and media formats of all kinds such as podcasts, video, social media or blogs. We try and promote as much as possible across social channels and online.

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We are trying to build and maintain the best resource website and marketplace for the board game community. To support this we have monetised parts of our platform. Some of the external links on our game profiles use affiliate codes, this means that if someone clicks through and makes a purchase we earn a small commission from that sale through our partners. We also allow promotions from our publishers and have limited advertising spots available.

Creator's Toolkit (coming soon)

In addition to our directory website that you see, behind the scenes we are preparing a super-value membership club toolkit. We are excited to bring a ton of benefits and resources for board game and content creators (publishers, designers, bloggers). We hope to open this by the start of 2021. We’d love to connect with you and help in any way we can.

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