Business Guide

An overview of some of the features available with Board Game Bucket.

Having an online presence is just one step to building an audience or customer base in the board gaming industry. We’ve made it super easy to get started with our directory. You can create neat and tidy profiles for games, publishers or content creators with your links. You could even use your Board Game Bucket profile as a social media menu/linktree.

Gain Visibility with BGB

In our first 3 months, received on average 2000 visitors a month, and is set to increase as we provide a user-friendly platform for the board game hobby/industry. It’s a great tool to drive traffic to your store or pages, especially with external links which will add back-links and increase your own SEO.

Choose a Type of Listing

All our listing types are free. Whether you’re a publisher or reviewer, you can easily add a listing to our database.

Easy Listing Creator

Easily Create Listings

Now easier than ever to create, edit and update listings on mobile. Whether you’re creating a game listing or adding your publisher profile, our simple mobile-friendly form will enable you to add each section of the listing with ease. Add game info, a description, pictures, gifs, categories, tags, external links and videos.


Categories are a great way to narrow search results which are relevant to people’s interests and thereby gain visibility to people who will be interested in your games.


Similar to categories, tags provide a powerful search tool which gives wider exposure across the site, whilst narrowing search results for users; giving even more relevant suggestions.

Game Info

Add important game details which are displayed in a simple table and also on profiles. Credit those who produced and designed the game.

External Links

Drive traffic to your website/store/Kickstarter with external links. A range of links are available such as shop/back/pre-order. Buttons are placed in prominent positions, and are mobile-friendly. File uploads such as print & play game formats, instruction manuals and links to online Tabletopia or Board Game Arena versions of the game can be added. Increase back-links and provide useful resources to users.


Add a link to a video review or instruction video to create an engaging game listing. We currently have spaces for 2 videos per game listing.

Manage Listings

In the My Listings tab you will find all your current games and profiles. From here you may edit, view stats, or promote listings.

Track Views

In our simple dashboard is a helpful stats block which enables you to track the number of views and unique views across your listings. Data is cached every hour. Within the My Listings tab, you can track views for individual listings.


Check your listings for reviews. Reply to positive feedback or address concerns on individual comments. Our rating system gives other users a better idea of what other’s experiences are.

Publisher & Content Creator Listings

Create a publisher profile that appears in search results and links all your game listings together. [NEW] Content creators and board game media producers can create a profile to link to their different types of content.

Direct Messaging

Our in-built direct messaging makes communicating with prospective customers easy. This is found on publisher profiles. We have a spam protection filter, to ensure you are not spammed. If you are dissatisfied, then contact us at [email protected].

Manage User/Business Details

You can change and edit account details within our simple dashboard.