Small World Grand Dames Expansion Board Game

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Introducing the leading ladies to Small World!

This mini-expansion features winning contest entries from Clay Blankenship, Blaise Hanczar, Mike Haverty, J’_rg Krismann and Jason Oman.


  • 3 new Race banners and tokens (Gypsies, Priestesses & the ghostly White Ladies)
  • 2 new Special Power badges (Historian & Peace-loving)
  • 1 spare Special Power badge

When Priestesses go In Decline, they concentrate their forces by re-grouping in their Ivory Tower for defense, but still earn a full-measure of Victory coins…

Gypsies are always on the lookout for more riches. They can even earn Victory coins for regions they abandon…

Stronger in death than in life, the White Ladies become immune to conquests and Special Powers when In Decline. You better take care of them, before it is too late

The Historian chronicles the rise and fall of civilizations – and gets a bonus Victory coin whenever a race goes In Decline…

Make love, not war! Even in Small World, sometimes the peacemaker comes out ahead – Peace-loving races collect 3 bonus coins for any turn they refuse to attack another active race…


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