Settlers of Catan 5th Edition Cities & Knights Expansion

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Brand New *CATAN 5TH EDITION CITIES & KNIGHTS Family Board Games*Best Seller

Flourishing trade brings prosperity to Catan. However, all this wealth also attracts barbarians. The knights of Catan are needed! The expansion can also be combined with “Seafarers’¢”Áí¢í‰?and “Traders & Barbarians.’¢”Áí¢í‰?/p>

Requires the Base Game to play.

Skills: In comparison to the Catan base game, this expansion requires a little more tactical and strategic skill.

Use the hexes of the Catan base game to assemble Catan within the provided frame. Each player has just built a settlement and a city, when dark clouds gather over the peaceful island of Catan. Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of Catan, sail toward the island’s shores. There is still enough time to prepare for confronting the intruders, though. The strength of the hostile barbarian army always corresponds to the number of cities on Catan. In order to successfully defend Catan, the knights of all players combined must be at least as strong as the barbarian army.


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