Mage Knight – Board Game Shades of Tezla Expansion

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Tezla was the greatest Mage to have ever lived. He succeeded in doing something no one else had, and mastered botht the elemental and necromantic magics.


Upon Tezla’s death, a number of factions claimed they had his essence bound in an Avatar. Now two remain; the Elementalists and Dark Crusaders.

Braevalar was a storm druid, a part of the Elementalist faction. Disillusioned by the Elementalists’¢”Áí¢í‰?reluctance to take the fight to their enemies, Braevalar looked for another way. His search ended one night when a voice spoke to him from the darkness of the forest. It told him there was indeed another way for those with the will to do whatever it took to defeat their enemies. Although the training was hard, Braevalar never lacked determination. His cunning and knowledge of how to use the terrain around him were great assets, as were his powers over the natural world.




2 Faction Leader Avatars

5 Graveyard Tokens

1 Necropolis Token

1 Hidden Valley Token

32 Enemy Tokens

24 Faction Tokens

1 Faction Token Reference Card

1 Painted Miniature of Braevalar

2 Hero Cards

16 Basic Action Cards

2 Skill Description Cards

11 Skill Tokens

6 Level Tokens

20 Shield Tokens

1 Round Order Token


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