Five Tribes Thieves of Naqala Expansion

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From award-winning designer Bruno Cathala comes the newest expansion for Five Tribes, Five Tribes: Thieves of Naqala. Building off the narratives of the previous expansions, this adds Thief cards to the game, allowing players to purchase them instead, whenever they would purchase a Djinn. Each unique Thief card allows players to use an additional Thief action immediately following a Tribe action, bringing more surprises and combinations to expand your Five Tribes game.

Key Selling Points

  • 6 new Thief cards add more complexity to gameplay decisions
  • 1 new Djinn adds interactivity with Thief mechanics
  • Easy to integrate components increase enjoyment and add new surprises and twists to each game
  • Small size fits easily into your Five Tribes box requiring no extra storage space


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