Dice Town Revised Edition Board Game Card Game

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Picture a place somewhere in the American Wild West that has everything from rich gold veins ready for mining to beautiful fields perfect for raising cattle. The question is, who will own the town when all is said and done? Well, partner, if you don’t have lead in your feet— and aren’t afraid of taking some lead in your body—it’s time to stake your claim! Dice Town Revised Edition updates the classic board game of dice and land grabs. Using overhauled rules and brand new art, two to five players take turns rolling poker dice and building the strongest hand possible. Whether you rob the bank, mine for gold, or settle the land, only the best rolls win. If your hand isn’t what you hoped it would be, you can always try again—as long as you can afford it. In this town, luck may decide the winner, but the best players make their own luck.

• Dice Town Revised Edition updates rules and art for the classic board game
• Two to five players roll custom poker dice simultaneously to build the best “hand” possible
• Use General Store and Elixir cards to perform special actions
• Multiple paths to victory—mine for gold, rob the bank, get property deeds, and more— means a wealth of replayability


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