Deer Lord! Expansion 1 Mean + Flirty Board Game Card Game

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EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER combines 2 DEER LORD expansions into one moodswing whiplash.

Turn on the heat with the FLIRTY expansion. Light some candles and fog-proof your windows, because things are going to get steamy But be really careful when playing the MEAN expansion. Things are bound to get ugly once you start rewarding bad behaviour.

Play with thick-skinned opponent or enjoy a really REALLY awkward game best to avoid playing with minors and/or family (unless you’re that kind of family, in which case errrrr)

Set them up just to knock them down!

Showers of compliments and meaningful glances with FLIRTY, torrents of insults and ego bruisers with MEAN. Prepare to have a lot of mixed feelings.

This dual expansion is quite naughty, so play with friends who can stand mind games NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS


  • 30 FLIRTY cards
  • 24 MEAN cards


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