Crystal Clans Shadow Clan Expansion Deck

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Out of the darkness, a new clan emerges seeking the power of the magic crystals. Summon all of your guile and embrace the shadows with the Shadow Clan Expansion Deck for Crystal Clans! This deck contains an array of stealthy and magical units for you to choose from when building your armies. Deploy Atticus Nightstalker and quickly teleport him across the battlefield into confrontations with your opponent. Or bring the Puppeteer and a never-ending army of Shadow Puppets to the battle and overwhelm the enemy with superior numbers. Tap into the darkness within and seize the crystals with the power of the Shadow Clan!

Key Selling Points

– An expansion deck for Crystal Clans

– Contains all-new hero and common units, including the magical Kohloh Witches, the stealthy Moon-Cult Assassins, and the powerful Atticus Nightstalker

– Embrace the darkness and build a squad that relies on stealth and guile to sneak past your opponent and secure the magic crystals


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