Chronicles of Crime Core Set Board Game

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Exciting, App-Driven Investigation!

In the city of London, a team of forensic experts are sent to crack the unsolvable cases. Homicides, robberies, and unimaginable crimes will not go unpunished. Proof of evidence and motive is key to locking the suspect behind bars. Fine the hidden clues in the crime scene to uncover the trail to the truth!

Chronicles of Crime is a cooperative game of crime investigation that mixes a phone app and a board game. Each case is unique, making use of the core components in different ways thanks to the Scan and Play technology of the app. Question experts and witnesses, investigate locations, and discover clues by scanning the QR codes on the components. The same components may be used in multiple cases, but they’ll be something completely different each time!

With several cases to start off with and more on the way via DLC downloaded in the app, Chronicles of Crime promises to provide hours of entertainment! So, get your phones ready and dive in!

Over 125 Components, Endless Replayability!

1 Rulebook
1 Evidence Board
17 Location Boards
4 Forensic Contact Boards
55 Character Cards
52 Evidence Category & Special Item Cards


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