Best Treehouse Ever Card Game Board Game

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Who hasn’t dreamed of building the best treehouse in the world? Now it’s time to live that dream!

In Best Treehouse Ever, players compete to build their best treehouse, outfitting their treehouse with cool rooms, while also making sure that their tree doesn’t tip over and that their rooms are more impressive than all of their friends’ rooms at the end of the game.

Building takes place over three weeks/rounds, and in each round, players use card drafting and spatial reasoning to add five new rooms to their treehouse. Players must pay attention to the other treehouses being built since they take turns determining which types of rooms score for everyone at the end of each round.

At the end of the third week, the winner is the player with the best treehouse ever!

72 Room cards
4 Starting Tree cards
6 Scoring cards
4 Scoring Tokens/Score Track cards


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