Ascension 5th Set Rise of Vigil Card Game Board Game

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With Kythis vanquished and the Well of Souls restored, the world of Vigil was at last at peace. The factions, once divided, came together to rebuild their shattered world. In the midst of this age of peace, mysterious crystal shards rained down upon the world, pulsing with powerful energy. Some heralded the shards as signs of a glorious new age, but the twisted creatures that appeared in their wake suggest they may be harbingers of something else…

A complete 1-4 player game playable on its own or with other Ascension™ games!
Combine with other Ascension™ games to play with up to 6 players!
Harness the mysterious Energy Shards to unlock the power of Heroes and Constructs with Energize
The all-new Treasure cards ensure that you’ll value cards differently from one game to the next!

256 cards
100 New Center Deck Cards
53 Always Available cards with all new art
4 Starting Decks featuring all new art
60 Energy Shard cards
50 deluxe honor tokens
Full-Color rulebook
Game Board
Storage tray


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