Arcadia Quest Frost Dragon Board Game

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An ancient creature has risen from the depths of its icy lair, determined to take control of the city of Arcadia and turn it into a frozen wonderland.

The Frost Dragon box introduces a new threat that only experienced, Level 6 Heroes are able to face. The dragon begins above the city, breathing its icy breath on the Heroes below. They must bring it down before banding together for a final cooperative showdown with the frozen beast.

This is an Expansion. Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno core games required to play.

Dragon Figure
Double-Sided Tile
24 Level 6 Upgrade cards
2 Relic cards
14 Dragonstone cards
24 Dragon Turn cards
20 Frost tokens
2 Dragon Monster cards,
Rulebook/Campaign Book
Dragon power card


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