Android Netrunner: Monitor (Hardbound Novella)

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When three aspiring activists stumble into NBNÌÓs all-seeing eye, they find themselves in the limelight,and not in the way they hoped. Camdrones monitor and broadcast their every move.

A hardbound, 96-page novella set in the Android universe, Monitor traces the sacrifices of three friends trying to make a difference. But is it worth their privacy, their lifestyles, or even their lives? In addition to its classic sci-fi tale, Monitor also contains a full-color, sixteen-page insert with setting information on New Angeles anarchy, Global Adaptive Entertainment, MegaBuy, and the future of marketing.

Key Selling Points

  • A hardbound, 96-page novella set in the Android universe
  • Follows the struggles of three activists who find themselves entangled within an all-encompassing network of surveillance and broadcasting
  • Features a beautiful, sixteen-page, full-color insert with additional setting details and backstory
  • Inspired by characters and events made popular in the Android universe


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