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Allegiance: A Realm Divided is a fully self-contained game of strategy and epic fantasy battles, where players assume the roles of powerful heroes fighting for dominion over the realm.

Each hero represents a different fantasy character class, with their own unique abilities, weapons, and play styles. Players level-up their hero by unlocking increasingly powerful abilities, enlist allies to fight by their side, and engage their enemies in battle.

With 10 different playable heroes, a wide range of strategic moves to choose from, and a high degree of player-interaction built in, a game of Allegiance will never play out the same way twice.

Featuring a hybrid card game and board game format, Allegiance has all of the depth of a collectible card game in one box. Rich in detail and beautifully depicted by some of the leading fantasy artists in the industry, Allegiance is an immersive experience for fantasy fans and strategy gamers alike.


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