Aeons End The Ancients

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There are two sides to every war. A child prodigy becomes the youngest ever to risk her life for new Gravehold. The daughter of xaxos returns from the void warped beyond humanity. And in the shadows, a new danger lurks, one that cannot be stopped with pure force alone. The ancients is an expansion for the cooperative deck building game Aeon’s end. This expansion contains one new nemesis and two new breach mages, as well as new gems, relics, spells, treasures, and minions.

The cards from this expansion are numbered TA-001 through TA-086.



  • Mazra + Research Breach Marker
  • Qu + Form Token
  • The Wanderer nemesis + Divider
  • 49 Player Cards
  • 10 Randomizer Cards
  • 10 Treasure Cards
  • 17 Nemesis Cards


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