Adventure Time Card Wars Fionna Vs Cake

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AS EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS Fionna and Cake are the loveable, cute, and alternate-reality FEMALE versions of our heroes, Finn and Jake! Straight from the Fionna and Cake? episode of the Adventure Time series on Cartoon Network, these characters have not only swapped genders, but Cake is now a cat. Meow! Their decks take us back to where it all started: The classic Cornfields vs Blue Plains? But these decks are all new and full of surprises!

Fionna’s Blue Plains deck is actually part Rainbow allowing for maximum customization. Several of her Blue Plains cards work rather well when paired up with Rainbow cards. And the Blue Plains? mastery of card drawing effects? gets a new twist. When Fionna gets her hands on a sword or two, or three watch out!

Cake’s Cornfield deck is centered around Buildings. The more the merrier! In fact, this deck has more Buildings than any previous Collector’s Pack. And if you play your cards right (literally), you can get more than four of them into play at once! And if you liked Flooping before, well shucks. You’re going to love this Cornfield deck.

  • Card Decks
  • 8 Oversized Landscape Tiles
  • 2 Oversized Hero Cards
  • Lots of Hit Point Tokens


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