Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers



In Imperial Settlers, four factions look out beyond the border of their lands to an uncharted new realm rich in opportunity. Each of them begins to expand their empire, however, it soon becomes clear that this new land is not going to be big enough for all of them. Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek and published by Portal Games, Imperial Settlers is a 1–4 player, empire creating, engine building, resource gathering card game with a strong element of player interaction. Taking place over the course of five rounds, players will lead one of the Barbarian, Egyptian, Japanese and Roman factions in their quest for empire. Over the course of the game players will see a tableau of faction specific cards and shared ‘common’ cards grow from their player board as the empire expands. The factions themselves are unique, each with their own play style. The barbarians are aggressive, the Japanese value trade, the Egyptians have plentiful gold and the Romans are builders extraordinaire. Using a single action per turn, players will gather resources from their empire to fund new locations, make deals, activate the special abilities of existing locations and raise an army that they use against other empires or to defend their own. At the end of five rounds the player with the most victory points wins. Imperial Settlers includes 120 faction specific cards (30 per faction) and 84 shared ‘Common’ cards. There are tokens representing wood, stone, food and gold. There are also 40 workers plus raze and defend tokens. There have been several expansions released for Imperial Settlers that introduce new factions (Atlanteans, Aztecs and Amazons) and new mechanics to the base game. There has also been an official campaign variant for the solo game published by the designer via Portal Games. Player Count: 1-4 Time: 60 Minutes Age: 12+


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Game Info
Publisher Portal Games
Designer Ignacy Trzewiczek
Artist Tomasz Jedruszek
Year of Release 2014
Number of Players 1-4
Minimum Age 10
Play Time 90

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